Laser for outpatient bladder cancer management

Photo-coagulation of non-invasive bladder tumors


We wish to enable more widespread treatment of bladder cancer in simpler office- and outpatient-settings, by providing the medical professionals a safer, gentler, faster and more efficient tool for managing non-invasive bladder cancer. Optheras wish to enable early detection and treatment, to help improve the quality of life of patients with bladder cancer.


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Bladder cancer

Bladder Cancer (BC) is a worldwide challenge, being the 10th most common cancer worldwide1. In both US and EU, BC is the 6th leading type of cancer*,** with an estimated economic burden of about €4.9 billion in EU in 2012**. Half of the diagnosed bladder cancer is non-invasive to the bladder wall.

The risk of recurrence is high, so frequent surveillance, recurrent surgery and hospitalization is often required. Transurethal Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT) is the golden standard for treatment. An invasive surgical procedure, performed in hospital under anesthesia. Therefore, BC has one of the highest lifetime cost pr. patient of all cancers. Furthermore, the need for repeat procedures can reduce patient’s quality of life.

Better management of BC requires improvements in detection, diagnosing and treatment, and it is important to improve the quality of life for BC patients, while supporting the health system in efficient use of medical ressources

*: ”Epidemiology of bladder cancer”, K. Saginala et al., Med. Sci. (2020)
**: ”Economic burden of bladder cancer across the european union”, J. Leal et al., European Urology 69 (2016)


Most common cancer
form in western world

Highest lifetime cost of all
cancer types


Lifetime risk


new cases
per year

>1.5M suffer globally


of all urothelial
bladder tumors are NMIBC

Optheras is bringing a new laser to market

– for management of non-invasive bladder cancer

Non-inferior to TURBT

Non-inferior to TURBT

Safe for patients and medical professionals

Safe for patients and medical professionals

Safe for patients and medical professionals

No anestethics office procedure

Ressource and Costefficient procedure

Ressource and cost-efficient procedure

Flex-scope compatibility

Flex-scope compatibility


Silent and energy-efficient wheelable unit

Non-inferior to TURBT

Flexible disposable

The laser is currently in development.


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Who are we

Thomas Alkeskjold


Thomas Alkeskjold, is CEO in Optheras. He has a background as innovation manager at A.P. Moller-Maersk, and as engineering manager and director of R&D at NKT Photonics. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of optics and photonics. He has an M.Sc. in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. in laser and fiber optics technology from Technical University of Denmark

Jakob Skov


Jakob Skov is Chairman of the board in Optheras. He has over 25 years of experience with business development and executive management within photonics. He has a.o. been responsible for establishing NKT Photonics. He has an MBA in international business from Aarhus university in Denmark.

Claus Rømer

Head of regulatory affairs & quality assurance

Claus Rømer is head of regulatory affairs and quality assurance in Optheras. He has a background as VP of Product Compliance at FORCE Technology. He has over 15 years of experience in RA & QA matters in the medical device industry. He is an ISO 13485 lead auditor and an expert in design control, risk management, safety, and EMC for electrical medical devices in EU and USA. He has a B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

Gregers G. Hermann

Senior clinical urologist

Gregers G. Hermann is senior clinical urologist at the department of urology, Herlev-Gentofte Hospital in Denmark.  He is dr. med. , surgical specialist,  specialist in urology  and european specialist in urology FEBU  (Fellow of the European Board of Urology).

Karin Mogensen

Senior clinical urologist

Karin Mogensen is senior clinical urologist at the department of urology, Herlev-Gentofte Hospital in Denmark, where she has worked with bladder cancer patients since 2003. She is surgical specialist, specialist in urology and has a Master of Public Health.


Optheras was founded in 2022 by Gregers G. Hermann, Karin Mogensen, Jakob Skov, Claus Rømer, and Thomas Alkeskjold together with T&W Medical A/S.

Our investors

T&W Medical A/S is the holding company for families Tøpholm and Westermann, which a.o. are co-owners of WS audiology, T&W holding, T&W engineering and UNEEG Medical.

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We are looking for people that wants to help develop technologies for improving the quality of life for people living with bladder cancer.

If you are interested in joining us, and would like to know more about Optheras, please contact Thomas Alkeskjold, / +45 28 76 63 47

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